Network Dynamics provides sensible advice on complex issues

that drive public policy and grow business opportunity.

We uniquely merge rigorous strategic thinking and insights with field truth – bridging the Boardroom perspective with firm command of the details.

Client advisory services address the needs of global  Investors, Technology Companies and Governments with a strong concentration in digital transformation, services and infrastructure.  

We create new investment and project development opportunities through disruptive technologies in a variety of industry sectors including automotive, healthcare, clean tech and renewable energy, defense, digital currency, and more.

What we do

  • Ideation & planning
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic marketing


We transform technology vision into commercially viable investments

through fast and politically attuned due diligence and transaction support.

For private equity and super angels, we crystalize growth stage business opportunities and fix portfolio investments through stakeholder alignment, turnarounds and strategic partnerships. 


For Official Development Assistance and institutional investors, we have the political acumen, technology depth and experience to transform policy aspirations into cogent investments and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).


For emerging and frontier market investors, we have unique and seasoned field experience to assess local partners and operating conditions to determine investment risk exposure.

What we do for Investors

  • Opportunity definition
  • Business validation
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Management assessment
  • Strategic sales

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity screening

Market research and intelligence

Demand forecasting and valuation

Business Planning

Strategy and competitive positioning

Technology option analysis

Executive coaching

Political Risk Assessment

Policy and regulatory assessment

Market risk factors

Government discussions


Teasers, presentation decks

Business plans and white papers

Official Development Assistance (ODA)

We know how to get even the most diverse teams on the same page and articulate paths forward to accelerate growth.


With early stage companies, we help refine technology strategy, marketing vision and sales narratives to make innovations accessible to the market.


With corporations, we support CSOs, in-house incubators and business planners to identify, design and validate emerging opportunity spaces and markets.


Most engagements leverage our deep expertise in connectivity, convergence, shared services and new paradigms for service virtualization across borders and industry sectors.

What we do for Tech Companies

  • Strategy
  • Executive coaching
  • Market intelligence
  • Strategic sales
  • Growth stage capital


Workshops & Ideation

Stakholder alignment

Roadmap & Business case

Product planning

Technology & solution assessment

Market forecast

Gap analysis


Value narratives

Pitch decks

Strategic presentations


Executive coaching

Team structure

Personnel assessment

Business development



Strategic sales

Restructuring & pivots

(Re)setting priorities

Organization & personnel

Growth capital

National digital transformation is the gateway to improving social welfare, national economic reform, job creation and greater operational efficiency in public instititutions. 


Governments need to become Digital by Default, investing in analog enablers such as Smart Nation strategies, spectrum liberalization and human capacity building, and digital enablers spanning broadband infrastructure, cloud and shared services, and scalable sector solutions.


We have advised national governments in over 35 countries at the Cabinet level on policy, project definition, feasibility studies, investment planning and public-private-partnerships that improve public sector performance, social services and job creation through information technology.

What we do for Governments

  • Public policy via ICT
  • Program design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Public private partnerships

Project Definition

Technology solution and project vision

Outcomes planning and benchmarking

Feasibility studies

Economic, political and regulatory assessment

Technology Strategy

Policy priorities and ICT solutions assessment

Shared services & Government-as-a-Platform

Broadband access & telecom liberalization

Open Government Data / Big Data

Investment Planning

Demand forecasting and financial modeling

Public-private-partnerships (PPP)

Asset appraisal and investment documentation

Policy Studies

Policy options analysis

Regulatory optimization strategies


Workshops, Training, Executive Ed.

Multi-stakeholder workshops

Executive coaching

Consensus building

Cabinet and donor presentations

Strategic Marketing

Public-private industry workshops

Public messaging