Great conversations with Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu about digital transformation, critical infrastructure, citizen services, and the next generation of municipal innovation.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) leads public administration for one of the world’s greatest cities.  With a population topping 16 million, 85,000 public sector employees, an annual budget of TL 25.9 billion ($3.5 billion), and direct ownership of 30 subsidiary companies – including six of Turkey’s largest Fortune 500 firms – IMM is a vast, diverse, and complex enterprise that requires latest-generation information technology infrastructure and tools to operate efficiently.

IMM seeks to promote data-driven policy and decision-making through adoption of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and upskilling of public sector human resources.  The municipality’s ambitious digital transformation agenda depends on deploying expanded and resilient computing capacity and adopting best practices for data analysis and digital governance.

In addition to specifying three projects to rapidly upgrade the city’s digital infrastructure — disaster recovery data center, cybersecurity framework, and comprehensive AI engine — we helped launch an Analytics Center of Excellence, to improve the municipality’s ability to apply advanced data analytics solutions in support of policy making.