About Us

Network Dynamics Associates was organized in 1992 to provide insights and guidance on digital infrastructure strategies, investments, services, and public policy.

We work with leaders in advanced digital economies as well as with public institutions and local innovators in low-and middle-income markets.

Our clients include national governments, multilateral lenders, municipalities, investors, platform vendors, service providers, and entrepreneurs.

With governments and multilateral agencies

we develop national and vertical sector digital transformation strategies and project investments calibrated to achieve development goals.

With investors

we design innovative businesses at the convergence of networks, applications, data, and continuously evolving social demand.

With companies and entrepreneurs

we match technology potential with fresh business perspective, local market realities, and partner ecosystems worldwide.

We See Patterns in Chaos

Seeing outside of the box literally means learning to see differently,
and becoming aware of what has not been seen.

We Love Black Swans

We are original thinkers and candid advisors who create space for ideas to emerge, perceptions to evolve, and teams to succeed.

We Build Consensus

Network Dynamics uniquely combines rigorous business analysis
with more expansive consultative skills:
Intuitive visualization, radical awareness, and situational instinct.

We Know Your Focus Needs More Focus

We know how to let the future be the mirror,
and to model choices for getting there.

We Build Structures That Scale

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


-R. Buckminster Fuller

Ken Zita


Ken Zita is NDA’s founder and CEO.  He is a seasoned telecom industry executive and management consultant who specializes in public policy, market strategy, and investment design.

He is widely regarded as a visionary on the strategic impacts of information infrastructure and services on national digital transformation and economic growth. He also works with tech firms and investors on market entry strategy, alliances, political risk, and new business design.

Ken manages the firm’s global network of senior advisors and personally directs workflows and recommendations for client engagements. Project teams are comprised exclusively of experienced consultants with deep domain expertise.

He is known for incisive problem solving, creativity, instinct, humor, technical and political fluency, and exceptional writing and presentation skills.

Some of his recent thinking on public policy and digital development can be heard in this Keynote Address from PTC’20 on “National Digital Strategy.”