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NDA designs infrastructure investments, program strategies, and business alliances that accelerate digital transformation, enable new network services, and introduce digital solutions for the built world.

Network Dynamics Associates

Network Dynamics Associates provides strategic direction to Governments, Tech firms and Investors seeking to accelerate digital innovation and realize new models for growth.

Our clients since 1992 include some of the most inventive leaders in digital business and public policy in over 50 countries worldwide.

Public Policy Planning

Improving public sector performance through digital investments and program strategies.

Management Consulting

Business concept design and opportunity development for technology companies.

Transaction Support

Fast, thorough and politically astute due diligence, turnarounds and acquisition planning for investors.

We provide management consulting, executive insights, and investment planning for strategic digital infrastructure projects worldwide.

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Strategic Focus

Future of Telecom

Future of Telecom. We have a 25+ year track record advising service providers, vendors, investors, policymakers, and regulators on advancing telecom ecosystems and social change. NDA is prime technical advisor to the U.S. 5G inter-agency group and preparing deep-dive…

Digital Government

Digital GovernmentNDA has advised dozens of national governments on digital policy, infrastructure investments, and applications to modernize citizen services and public sector performance. We have defined whole-of-government digital strategies combining public policy…

Smart Cities and Sustainability

For Cities and major municipalities, we design digital strategies, application platforms, and investments to help municipalities actualize digital transformation goals. Too often technology and urban planning are separate disciplines with a disconnect between…

NDA has unique experience in middle-income economies seeking to boost digital ecosystems and catalyze growth.

We work with Governments, telecom operators, tech firms and investors worldwide.

Who We Have Helped

Who We Have Helped