Emergency Response and Disaster Management

Designed U.S. technical assistances that helped modernize the national disaster management and emergency response centers in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Thailand following the Asian Tsunami 

For the 26-nation “Pacific Endeavor” exercise and Multinational Communications Interoperability Program, led senior officer training and designed engagement protocols to improve military-civilian cooperation during large-scale disasters through ICT.  Our work formed lasting bridges for information sharing between Asia-Pacific militaries and the UN system, global humanitarian community, and dozens of technology companies. 

Specified upgrade to emergency management center in Davao City, Philippines. 

Assessed funding programs for flood management systems in the Mekong River Delta. 

Developed project proposals for emergency medical training and response in China. 

We have also specified emergency operations center projects targeting incident management and decision support, critical infrastructure protection, border security, dam safety, and hazardous waste transportation.