National Digital Strategy

We work with governments to clarify national digital transformation objectives, focus policy initiatives, and refine domestic investment programs.

We have designed whole-of-government digital strategies addressing critical digital infrastructure, R&D clusters, PPPs, and vertical sector strategies. Select examples:

Jordan – “Mobile sector reset” addressing tax reform, revenue share payments and 5G spectrum, and investment plan for the National Broadband Network

Philippines – Designed large-scale investments related to the NBN, Cloud Center of Excellence and integrated revenue management applications.

Afghanistan – Prepared National Telecommunications Policy and infrastructure plans for the national fiber, satellite, and government networks. 

World Bank Contributed to definition of the Bank’s Smart Nation strategy and led rural broadband strategy Digital Kazakhstan program. 

Communications sector restructuring and pre-privatization advisor to Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan

National e-readiness Assessment

Palestine Public Sector ICT Modernization — At a time when the vision for an independent state appeared viable, NDA conducted a whole-of-government platform and service design to improve public sector performance for the Palestinian Authority.