We have a 25-year track record advising service providers, vendors, investors, policymakers and regulators on advancing telecom ecosystems and social change.

NDA has been selected as U.S. inter-agency Technical Advisor to develop project opportunities for 5G and next-generation networks opportunities in partner countries.

We are engaging with tech firms and local project sponsors to design grants aimed at establishing open, interoperable and trusted 5G ecosystems, including through pilot projects, technology testing and integration, business case feasibility studies, and related opportunities.  All aspects of the 5G value chain are in consideration including Open RAN, core networks, cloud orchestration, edge computing, data centers, enterprise solutions, centers of excellences, and more. 

Other recent telecom projects have addressed:

      • National Broadband Networks
      • Data centers
      • Cybersecurity
      • Peering and digital ecosystem development
      • AI and service automation
      • Municipal access and IoT 
      • Regional fiber
      • Neutral host and rural broadband
      • Sector taxation and revenue disputes