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Built World Digital Strategy

Prepared Board-level strategy for a leading global Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) firm to expand into digital services to complement legacy engineering practice. Defined internal transformation requirements, value propositions and service road maps for Aviation, Buildings, Cities, Heathcare and Transportation verticals, and designed a new process to leverage internal intellectual property into digital ventures.

Industrial IoT Cybersecurity

Comprehensive strategy and turnaround engagement for B-round industrial IoT and cybersecurity firm developing solutions for the U.S. Army’s autonomous vehicle program, covering corporate restructuring, product pivot and redefinition, market planning and forecasting, and strategic negotiations with investors and partners.

Automotive OEM Connected Car

Designed innovative Vehicle Network Platform business model concept, technology alternatives, use cases and global market assessment for next-generation automotive connectivity options for a leading automotive OEM.

Trade Finance Trade Portal

New venture incubation. Designed startup to apply marketplace lending and peer-to-peer capital sourcing targeted at the global trade finance vertical through digital loan-matching and risk assessment.

Managed Services Provider

NDA developed the service concept, business plan and corporate strategy that led to the creation of Nupremis, Inc., a managed applications services provider backed by $33 million Series A investment from major institutional investors including Angelo Gordon, Bass, Blackstone, Callahan, Compaq and Investcorp.

Service Provider Investment Rollup

NDA was engaged by a private equity firm to perform due diligence on target companies and propose a strategic integration plan for various properties.

Smart Grid Vendor Restructuring

NDA led strategic restructuring of an energy sector services provider offering smart grid and load automation for electrical utilities and Fortune 500 enterprises. We redefined the core product strategy, service offers and business case, and repositioned digital marketing, web presence and brand.

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Wireless Operator Bid

Led multi-firm bid team successfully awarded a nationwide license for the world’s first commercial broadband wireless communications network.



Next Generation Telecom, IT and Smart City Projects

Designed numerous market interventions for the Government of Philippines including technology plan for National Broadband Network and Cloud Computing Center of Excellence for the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT); digital roadmap for Davao City smart city and emergency response; and IT modernization for the Department of Finance.


Sichuan Healthcare Information Network

Designed U.S. technical assistance that defined Sichuan’s provincial public healthcare network.

China Public Health Data Standards

Conducted comprehensive assessment of IT and data management standards in China’s healthcare sector. Worked closely with senior government officials in Beijing, Sichuan and Zhejiang Provinces and U.S. technology vendors to specify technical plans to reform healthcare delivery through data standarization.

Telemedicine and Trans-border Trade in Services

Prepared white paper and market assessment of the potential for trans-border trade in service in healthcare through broadband, IoT medical devices, and increased acceptance of remote medical consultations.

Emergency Response Sector Projects

Performed comprehensive investigation into China’s emergency response technologies and operational plans and designed technical programs related to infrastructure safety, and environmental monitoring and early warning systems.

Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring and service development plan for equity joint venture for telecom services network in China.


Wireless Carrier Strategic Restructuring

Reframing of strategic options for a wireless carrier including definition of advanced data and application services related to high-speed connectivity and bundled application services.

Strategic Trends

Provided board-level advice on technology trends and investment options for a leading institutional client with a portfolio exceeding $3 billion equity investments in telecom, Internet services, IT and software.

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Service Innovation Strategy

Development of pioneering ‘human centered’ service applications for mobile operator that joined together user behavior with location-based presence and advertising and promotions, with Doblin.

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Second Network Bid

Led definition of service specifications and business modeling for all applications and services ‘above basic network’ for a major consortium proposing a local broadband network provider.


Multinational Communications Interoperability Program (MCIP)

Senior Advisor to U.S. Pacific Command and 26-nation “Pacific Endeavor” exercise to improve civilian-military collaboration during large-scale natural disasters in Asia, focusing on improved communications and information sharing platforms, applications and institutional relationships. Led outreach to UN system, leading NGOs and industry partners.

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Disaster Management

Defined Congressionally-mandated intervention for emergency communications and early warning systems in the economies devastated by the South Asian tsunami. In an environment of keen donor competition, Network Dynamics specified the scope for national disaster management command and control centers; decision support systems for improved situational awareness; remote data collection systems; risk imaging and assessment; digital mapping; emergency and VIP communications systems; coastal sirens; and standard operating procedures for emergency personnel.


Market Entry Strategy

Demand analysis and market entry strategy for advanced data services for global carrier, including interviews with more than 130 government, service providers and enterprise stakeholders in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

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Flood Management Systems

Defined funding for sensors and decision support systems for national flood management programs in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam and Thailand).


Three-time conference chairman and former VP, Board of Governors of the Pacific Telecommunications Council.  Keynote speaker at PTC’20.

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National Telecommunications Policy and Infrastructure Plan

Served as principal U.S. telecom advisor and prepared Afghanistan’s National Telecommunications and Internet Policy that has led to more than $2.0.billion of private equity investment and stands as one of the most significant ‘success story’ of the reconstruction of Afghanistan.  In addition, NDA designed the technical scope and investment parameters for several national infrastructure projects including the national satellite system, national fiber ring, and government network.  

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Infrastructure WiFi

Advising the developer of a telco-grade wireless ISP deploying WiFi services over licensed 5GHz spectrum in the largest cities in Bangladesh on expansion strategy and capital formation.  

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Digital Kazakhstan

Prepared assessment of Kazakhstan’s national digital transformation vision and project investment methodology focusing on rural broadband,e-government, smart cities, e-health and other sectors, with World Bank.

Epicenter of Peace

Editor of President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s personal memoire on the de-nuclearization of Kazakhstan.

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Digital Overlay Network Strategy

Developed modernization and investment strategy for telecommunications sector with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and later, cooperatively with Barents Group and SG Warburg.

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Digital Overlay Network Strategy

Developed telecom sector reform strategy with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and later, co-led infrastructure investment initiative with Barents Group and SG Warburg.

National e-Readiness Assessment

Led a diverse local team to prepare highly-acclaimed national e-readiness assessment, on behalf of UNDP.

Telecom Strategy for National Railway (UTY)

Prepared strategic options, demand forecast and business model for fiber optic network assets.




Mobile Sector Reset

Year-long project for the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurism to evaluate and recommend strategies for mobile sector taxation reform, revenue sharing arrangements and radio spectrum planning, funded by USAID/FRPFM.

National Broadband Network

Prepared a assessment of government strategic, technical and financial options for expanding the national broadband network, for the Ministry of Finance PPP Unit.

Amman Smart City Digital Roadmap

Defined the program strategy and funding for a Smart City Roadmap and Traffic Monitoring project to enable Greater Amman Municipality to plan smart city investments over time, and introduce the latest IT platforms and services to reduce and manage traffic congestion in the capital region.

National Smart Card

Designed the initial program strategy and U.S. technical assistance for Jordan’s national digital identity (ID) and multi-function smart card.

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Critical Information Infrastructure

Defined U.S. technical assistance for the Government of Libya related to critical information infrastructure, and assessed ICT modernization options for the banking and financial services sector.

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Public Sector Modernization through ICT Feasibility Study

Network Dynamics prepared a comprehensive public sector modernization strategy for the Palestinian Authority including a whole-of-government roadmap and technical plan for shared application services, Unified Communications, and a proposed national data center. We separately advised on the National ICT Strategy and secured grants for entrepreneurs seeking to build commercial data center and broadband services networks.

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Mobile Sector Liberalization Strategy

Prepared detailed market assessment, investment scenarios and policy options for opening mobile market to greater competition, including technical and legal aspects of radio spectrum assets, rigorous demand forecast, and valuation of new licenses.

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Branchless Banking System

Designed technical program to extend Ghana’s branchless banking services such as electronic payment systems and other financial services to underserved segments of Ghana’s population.

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National Bank Cash Management System

Defined U.S. technical assistance for the Rwandan National Bank (BNR) to build the technical capability necessary to provide real-time cash balance information to policymakers and support more effective fiscal policy formulation and budget execution at the Ministry of Finance.

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National Bank ICT Modernization

Designed technical assistance program to modernize the efficiency and effectiveness of ICT platforms and procedures for the Bank of Tanzania to maintain price stability and improve critical central banking functions.

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Banking Shared Disaster Recovery Services

Designed technical assistance program to for banking data backup systems, shared power and climate control, and ICT services for the leading banks in Nigeria, with the ultimate goal of reducing the cost of capital in the Nigerian market.


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Smart Cities

Developed four major digital infrastructure projects for the leading cities in Turkey, including an AI and predictive analytics pilot platform to support Istanbul’s Transportation and Traffic Excellence program, as well as an Analytics Center of Excellence and data center expansion project. For Ankara, we designed a pilot project to optimize bus route routing and, for Gaziantep, a digital smart city roadmap and strategic plan.

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Broadband Internet Services Strategy

Advised the Chairman and CEO of Callahan International, formerly a cable operator on strategic development options for high-speed Internet and broadband convergences services. Incubated managed services provider as platform for streaming content and application services.

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Privatization Advisor

Principal advisor to the Government of Moldova, sponsored by EBRD, to evaluate the market, economic and political viability of attracting direct foreign investment. Based on the results of Network Dynamics’ study, the Government elected to pursue fast-track privatization.

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Content Portal Strategy

Led definition of broadband portal architecture and services for second largest cable operator in Spain.

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Cable Television and High-speed Internet Access

Advised a minority equity shareholder in a large municipal cable operator on exit options.

Regional GSM and Overlay Network

Advised a provincial government on the establishment of a regional mobile and digital overlay network, in partnership with an Austrian merchant bank.

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Border Control and Emergency Communications

NDA was asked to review a request for U.S. federal funding to improve border control, customs management and a national strategy for emergency preparedness systems.